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Our brief was to design a system that would be comfortable to work in, energy efficient and provide continues fresh air

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Johnston Logistics, one of the Irelands leading transport logistics companies, commissioned us to evaluate and redesign their head office air conditioning system as part of a refurbishment and new build. We stepped up to the challenge with confidence. The brief was simple, design an energy efficient system that will provide a comfortable, draught free environment to work in with good temperature control and clean, fresh air. Our client was conscious of their responsibility to the environment and keen to conform to the f-gas legislation and the EN378:2016. These regulations are becoming ever more difficult to meet by restricting the amount of refrigerant that can be used in a system and the mandatory installation of refrigerant leak detectors.

Project Goal

Our project goal was achieved with great success and the clients comfort levels were met beyond their expectations.

Their existing air conditioning system wasn’t fit for purpose and performed unsatisfactorily as the occupants continually complained about thermal discomfort and stuffiness. The existing air conditioning equipment did exactly what it was designed to do, heat and cool but what was lacking was an understanding of the basic design fundamentals.

When we design an air conditioning system, we assess all options to see which system is best suited to the application and the client’s budget. Our design process allows us to look at all design options and assess which solution is best suited to our client’s requirements. As part of our design protocols, we look at new innovated energy efficient concepts, one which interested us was the Mitsubishi Electric City Multi-Hybrid VRF (HVRF).

The HVRF which allows for simultaneous heating and cooling is a 2-pipe system. The system uses a refrigerant between the outdoor condenser and a Hydro BC controller (HBC). Water is the medium between the CMB-WP108VGGA1, HBC and the PEFY-WP63VMA-E indoor units. The system acts like a combined water chiller and low-temperature boiler with the benefits and energy efficiency of a VRF heat pump.

This is the first application of an HVRF system in Ireland in an office environment and was the ideal solution for this client. It allowed for a straight forward, quick and neat installation which was paramount due to a very tight schedule of the project. It also allowed the client to meet the EN378 legislation and avoid the need to install leak detection sensors.

So, we finally have a product where we have better control of the flow and return water temperatures and supply “air off” temperatures which allow for improved comfort levels and eliminates cold draughts – see graphs 11 to 13. Our design engineers were keen to work with this concept as it merges all the reliable traditional technologies into one neat system, i.e. boilers, chillers and controls system.

We also installed several R32 refrigerants PEAD-M1000JA ducted units and MSZ-AP50VGK, R32 refrigerant high wall split units. We were impressed with the low noise levels suitable for any small office and the Wi-Fi connectivity allowing freedom to control the units while out of the office.
To achieve high levels of energy efficient heat recovery, while meeting the demands of fresh air and humidity control within the workspace we installed several Mitsubishi Electric LGH-100RVX-E Lossnay mechanical ventilation systems.

Our project goal was achieved with great success, and the clients comfort levels were met beyond their expectations.

1 open plan office with hybrid system & Lossnay ventilation
Open plan office view 2
Installation of a R32 high wall unit Application offices – pharmaceutical plant
Open plan office with air conditioning and heat recovery ventilation

Air-conditioned hall way

The first application of a Hybrid VRF system in Ireland serving an office space – new build and refurbishment Application offices – office air conditioning
Open plan office with air conditioning and heat recovery ventilation
Installation of VRF condenser unit serving a Hybrid VRF system
Training Room with PEAD M1000JA ducted units with fresh air

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