When an air conditioning systems in a building fails to perform to the owners’ expectations, it can become frustrating for the owner while the occupiers feel unwell and uncomfortable. When they complain “it’s too hot, it’s too cold or just too stuffy to work in” – well we have solutions. See how we approach problem solving and how we do it is just one click away.

Our chartered engineers who are members of Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), ASHRAE and Engineers Ireland (IEI), are experts at design, diagnosing and fixing problem buildings.

professional consultation

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BSE air conditioning & refrigeration use heat load software to carry out all heat load calculations so that the equipment selected suites optimal design conditions. Oversizing systems are just as bad as under sizing systems and will result in higher running cost, CO2 emissions and an uncomfortable environment and a shorter life span of the equipment.

Most contractors will size the system based on a square meter but there is more to it than that, and it will result in the system being incorrectly sized. Remember we are not in the business of selling boxes. Our business is to provide professional engineering solutions.


Air conditioning assessment

Maintaining a HVAC system that is in disrepair is a waste of money and research has shown that there are thousands of commercial systems that have been poorly maintained over the years due to poor maintenance practices and lack of system knowledge. Our consultant engineers can carry out a professional engineering report of the current condition of your system and make recommendations on how to improve performance, system compatibility and selection, air quality, thermal comfort risk assessment, energy efficiency, system life expectancy and put in place strict maintenance protocols.


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